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TOPIC: My thoughts on money

My thoughts on money 9 years ago #2441

  • Angela
Greetings from Slovenia to all forum members

In 1971 the real link of printed banknotes to real value (the Gold Standard) was over. Since then, it allowed governements to create as much debt as needed, usually over-budget (at a deficit) in order to fund weapons surge, (trade) wars, and pay workers, the only ones producing real value, with mere, counterfeited paper.

It has also allowed for, and favoured, huge personal and state debt, financial activities in a large (10X) multiple of the real activities, thus devaluating savings, creating inflation, compressing the worth of labour and commodities (mostly) in the hands of undeveloped nations.

This is, in fact, a subtle modern form of slavery, pumping real worth from the hands of poor countries and middle class and blue-collars as well into those of the richest, creating disparity and an apparantly 'democratic' way to impose policies to people and on governments as well from the inner circles of the Central Banks.

Money, as known and used today, is no more worthy than opium used to make people believe that they hold real value, and can 'consume' it to their apparent benefit, while it is just a poor illusion and a temporary compensation to their existence.

The CROM as I see it represent a simply defined alternative mean of trade among free individuals worth their own time/ability, which recognizes the inner value of what is transacted, without being manipulated by anyone's agenda of official debt, limitless issuance, and underlying devaluation of a facial value.
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